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art institute of Chicago
 [United States] 111 south michigan ave., Chicago, IL 60603
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 Art Institute of Chicago
The purposes for which the Art Institute of Chicago is formed are to found, build, maintain, and operate museums, schools, libraries of art, and theaters to provide support facilities in connection therewith to conduct appropriate activities conducive to the artistic development of the region and to conduct and participate in appropriate activities of national and international significance

To form, conserve, research, publish, and exhibit a permanent collection of objects of art of all kinds to present temporary exhibitions that include loaned objects of art of all kinds and to cultivate and extend the arts by appropriate means

To establish and conduct comprehensive programs of education, including presentation of visual artists, teachers of art, and designers to provide educational services in written, spoken, and media formats

To provide lectures, instruction, and entertainment, including dramatic, film, and musical performances of all kinds, which complement and further the general purposes of the institute

To receive in trust property of all kinds and to exercise all necessary powers as trustee for such trust estates whose objects are related to the furtherance of the general purposes of the institute or for the establishment or maintenance of works of art.

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