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Vivienne Westwood Tokyo
 [Japan] Hui Bi a long-lived west 1-33-36, SJBuilding building
Ph num
 11:00 ~ 20:00
 Daikanyama strolls, drinks the afternoon tea, evening may also upper bulkhead good food area Hui Bi long-lived fine food
 Vivienne Westwood Tokyo - Shop Interior is awesome.
Most attracts us is actually this shop decoration design. Must arrive in the shop, you must along the staircase on, then pass through a section of elephant over-bridge same corridor first, then goes downstairs Has circled a circle, the hard core unexpectedly in underground. The shop owner has certainly put many thoughts in the shop space design, actually both has used the underground space like this, and introduces the sufficient optical fiber, is high really. In the shop sells the female attire, favors fresh in the young girl style, the color sharp. Specially has also opened a counter in the clothing area, specializes in selling the environmental protection shopping bag, the chopsticks, the rain gear, the certainly is evidently wants to transmit own life manner for everybody.
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Hui Bi a long-lived west 1-33-36, SJBuilding building
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