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Shibuya Segu 109 Shops
 [Japan] Tokyo Segu district road unreliable ban 2-29-1
Ph num
 10:00 ~ 21:00
 Walks the approximately 8 minutes from the JR Segu station then to arrive.
 The Segu 109 buildings the Segu area.
The Segu 109 buildings the Segu area which and clamors in irrevocable lively scene, takes a youth culture place of origin the clothing city, but the depth likes for the people. The Segu 109 buildings are the Japanese fashionable young womens purchase fashionable clothing’s commercial city. Divides the 1st hall and the 2nd hall. 1st hall underground 2, ground 8, in have shop 170, the sale represents Japanese popular fashionable clothing’s each kind of commodity, dazzling. the 2nd hall are called as Junior Station, is not far to the 1st hall. The sales clerk many are 20 year-old about fashionable young lady, the appearance is stylish, has the rich fashionable clothing knowledge, they will help the customer to choose and to match the most satisfied fashionable clothing patiently kindly. The fashionable clothing molded the Japanese young women moving graceful bearing, if wanted to rush to meet the tide, must arrive at the Segu 109 buildings.
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Tokyo Segu district road unreliable ban 2-29-1
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