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So you've taken the leap and signed up at UB Love, slapped together a profile, and now you're waiting for the mail to flood your UB inbox. But wait, it's been a few days, even a week, and the mail and winks aren't coming in.
Your first order of business is to spruce up your profile. Your profile is your first impression and the factor that will decide whether or not a member contacts you.
Profile Photo.
Your profile photo is the most important part of your profile. Our statistics show that profiles with photos receive 15x more visitors, mail, and winks than those without. The quality of your profile photo is very important. To maximize your visitors, upload a clear, portrait-style photo and remember to smile!
Your Self-Intro is the best way to express your personal qualities. Try to describe at least 3 things about yourself and remember that the style and tone of your writing will reflect your personality.
Photo Album.
Uploading additional photos to your Photo Album is great way to show your visitors another side of yourself. In this age of digital photo editing, it's a good idea to show a few different angles of yourself. Additional photos of your hobbies, and exotic travels will also paint a clearer picture for your visitors.
Detailed Info.
To complete your profile, you should fill out your Detailed Info to improve the accuracy of your match results and to expose your profile to more members.
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