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-What are e-mail notifications?

When you received a wink, mail or e-card at UBLove.com, an e-mail notification is sent out to your personal e-mail account to notify you. By knowing you will never reply late to winks, mail and e-cards and lose your chance of meeting someone new.

Also, payment transaction receipts, login and password information are sent to your personal e-mail account, if your e-mail is incorrect there is no way to send you this information.
Also make sure e-mails from UBLove are not being filtered as spam, if they are, please check as not spam.
 E-mails are delivered as spam.
If e-mail notifications from UB to your personal e-mail account are being
delivered to your junk mail folder, please make sure to check as not spam and
move e-mails to your inbox.
  Not receiving e-mails from UBLove
If you are not receiving e-mail notifications from UBLove your mail system
may be auto blocking mails
from UBLove as spam mail. Make sure to allow mails from UBLove,
place in your protected list, and click not spam.

- Why is mail not being delivered? -
* Your registered e-mail address is incorrect.
*You have not clicked receive e-mail updates from UBLove.
*E-mails are being delivered to your junk mail folder.
  Did not wish to receive e-mails from UBLove
In the case you didn't click send me e-mail updates from UBLove.com,
please click here and click send me e-mail updates from UBLove.com
   Incorrect e-mail address
If your registered e-mail address is incorrect, go to my UBpage and click
change e-mail address and re-enter your e-mail address.
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