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Even though we go back and forth from Japan to Korea and have a long distance relationship, our love is relentless.
I got divorced and I lived alone for the past 6 years and lost hope in life. Now I’m so happy that I have met someone that I can share my life with.

I met my Perfect Match!
I came to Japan 2 years ago as a study abroad student. The first year everything was new, exciting and enjoyable during my stay in Japan. After a year the direction in my life lost its track and started wandering. And soon on
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Life After Divorce
Life After Divorce I was married for ten years before the divorce. Things just hadn’t worked out and no matter what I did our marriage never stabilized. After the divorce it took me two years to think about dating again,
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The Laws of Love
The Laws of Love We’re both legal professionals in New York. Being an associate in a firm can be really brutal work, with late nights and no time to meet anyone. A friend of mine had met a great guy over UBLove.com and rec
ubjustin views : 402
Love in the Middle Kingdom
Love in the Middle Kingdom I had been using UBLove for a while and had some responses, but nobody really caught my eye. Maybe I’m picky. It’s just that sometimes it can feel really artificial meeting people online, and t
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