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10 Things not to do on a first date
Date 2007-02-03 01:06:32 Views 7137



10 Things not to do on a first date


1.       Dont be late.

Being late can give off a bad impression, it can show that you are lazy, unorganized, unmotivated or not care about the date.


2.       Dont talk about yourself the whole time.

Ask questions and listen to what your date has to say, nobody like to listen to someone who talks about themselves and babbles on.


3.       Dont talk about your ex.

Make your date the first priority of the night; remember your goal is trying to get a second date. Talking about your ex what you liked and didnt liked will make your chances of getting a second date slim.


4.       Dont talk and eat with your mouth open.

First of all its just gross and second itll ruin your chances of getting a second date. Just remember the dinner table manners that your mother taught you.


5.       Dont ask probing personal questions.

Remember this is a first date and it should be fun and light hearted. Dont start asking intimate questions which can make someone feel uncomfortable.


6.       Dont like about yourself.

Acting like someone that your not will just complicate matters and ruin the chances of building a relationship. Eventually the truth will come out and itll sting. Remember just be yourself and let things follow a natural order.


7.       Dont forget to probably say thank you and goodbye.

Being polite and showing good manners is always a good way to give off a first good impression. Also at this time you have a chance to tell your date if you wish to meet again.


8.       Dont say I love you.

Its just strange and unnatural.


9.       Dont propose marriage.

What are you thinking?


10.   Dont say you want to have kids together.

Are you kidding?


11.   Dont try to get sex.

Think about your actions.


12.   Dont get drunk.

First of all you can act very foolish and give off a bad impression. Also being drunk means that you wont be in an alert state of mind or body to control your actions. You can also be susceptible to sexual advances. Worst you can smell of vomit and become a major turnoff.


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