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Safer Dating
12 First Date Safety Tips
Date 2007-02-03 00:57:33 Views 4064



12 First Date Safety Tips


Now that you have gotten acquainted with someone special and think its time to meet in person, you should always remember to be extra careful since you dont really know this person.


1.       Meet in public places.

Try to make a meeting spot where its crowded and filled with many people, beware of meeting in isolated places where it can be dangerous. Also asking a friend to go with you can be helpful.


2.       Never trust anyone.

Someone may talk and act like they are really nice, religious and so on, but remember that anyone can play an act so keep your guard up at all times and be ready for action.


3.       Arranging second dates.

Do as before and arrange a second date and a meeting place. Dont ask to be picked up at your home.


4.       Never give out your home phone number always give a cell phone number.

If you give out your home number it is probably listed in the phone book directory and then the person can look it up and find out your home address. Also if you call with your home phone people can easily use caller ID or call back service and find out home number as well.


5.       Dont get drunk.

Drinking alcohol on your first date is very dangerous, since it affects your judgment and reduces your inhibitions to do something foolish. Also if you do drink make sure to keep an eye on your drink at all times, since someone may be slipping a pill into your drink. Not drinking on your first date is the best way to go.


6.       Tell someone about your date.

Make sure someone knows that you will be going on a date with someone new. Make sure that they call you or better yet meet you after the date to check that things are alright.


7.       Avoid isolated places.

Always be in public and crowded places during your date; never wonder off into a secluded area where it can be dangerous.


8.       Dont expose your home address.

Make a plan to meet somewhere instead of asking your date to pick you up at your home. Since this will reveal your home address, who knows this person can become a stalker.


9.       Follow your instincts.

If at any times you feel something suspicious or uncomfortable stop the date and walk away. Dont feel obligated to continue on a date with someone you just met, if you dont feel right about it.


10.   Be on guard and have your cell phone ready.

Even if the date is going perfect and youre having a great time, dont ever let your guard down and be alert. Also having your cell phone ready to call for help is a good idea.


11.   Pay for half the date costs.

In the case of ladies, men will most likely try to pay for the whole date, but there are some men who will assume that paying for the date means that the lady should pay back the favor in physical contact. Paying for half the date avoids this situation.


12.   Drive to your date.

Driving your own car to your date reduces the chances of you getting in a car with someone you dont know very well who can drive off and cause a dangerous situation.



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